More updates
3 months ago

Recent updates, including survival rule changes:

- Survival rules have been updated to account for world generation exploits, with the clay patch to diamond glitch being banned & lapis to diamond only being allowed in your own base area.
- The website now has a vote page with a list of voting sites.
- Permission to use /p components has been fixed.
- Help message colors have been fixed.
- Member+ players can now get staff permission to have a member alt account.
- Plot adding/trusting permissions have been fixed for member & higher on creative to allow adding/trusting more than one person.


Recent updates
4 months ago

Panelcade has had some small updates:

- All servers are now running on 1.17.
- The store has been updated with an axolotl pet & price changes.
- Minigames have an updated scoreboard.
- The discord join link has been updated to

Creative 1.17
5 months ago

Creative has been up on 1.17 for a couple of days now, with all new 1.17 blocks!

Survival 1.17
5 months ago

Survival is now running on 1.17, the world border has been expanded, and there's now an animation for skipping the night!

1.17 Support and new ice run minigame
6 months ago

Panelcade now supports 1.17, and a new Ice Run minigame is here!

- You can now use 1.17 clients to join panelcade, a full server update is coming soon.

- Ice Run is a new minigame similar to tntrun, with ice that slowly breaks when stood on.

- Creative now has a help page for inputcooldown.

- Survival has a new ender dragon damage leaderboard, and shop areas at spawn.

Ice Run Map

Survival shops

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