Recent updates
4 days ago

Panelcade has had some small updates:

- All servers are now running on 1.17.
- The store has been updated with an axolotl pet & price changes.
- Minigames have an updated scoreboard.
- The discord join link has been updated to

Creative 1.17
18 days ago

Creative has been up on 1.17 for a couple of days now, with all new 1.17 blocks!

Survival 1.17
about 1 month ago

Survival is now running on 1.17, the world border has been expanded, and there's now an animation for skipping the night!

1.17 Support and new ice run minigame
about 1 month ago

Panelcade now supports 1.17, and a new Ice Run minigame is here!

- You can now use 1.17 clients to join panelcade, a full server update is coming soon.

- Ice Run is a new minigame similar to tntrun, with ice that slowly breaks when stood on.

- Creative now has a help page for inputcooldown.

- Survival has a new ender dragon damage leaderboard, and shop areas at spawn.

Ice Run Map

Survival shops

1 year of Panelcade
3 months ago

Today marks one year since Panelcade opened publicly, and since survival reset. Thanks to all the players who have joined the server and discord/forum!

With a year since release 1.9 pvp FFA is finally here too, with shields and axes. Check it out now on the minigames server on!

Ship in the Panelcade lobby

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