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1.19.3 and a new treasure hunt!
3 months ago

1.19.3 is here, and a new treasure hunt has appeared on the lobby ship!
- 1.19.3 clients are now supported, and the servers are running the new version as well. Chat signing is not enabled.
- There is a new limited time treasure hunt at the lobby ship, find all the gold block heads around the lobby and maybe even discover a new easter egg in the process!
- A limited run of late acoustic panels is available on survival!

Some small changes over the last week:
5 months ago

Panelcade has had some small changes over the last week:
- Pets have finally been fixed on creative.
- As a second part to pets being fixed mobs can now be used in worlds other than the plot world on creative. This applies for any member+ & staff with access, and the rules have been updated to reflect this!
- The lobby navigator has been updated.
- The lobby cosmetics menu has been updated and a music item has been added.
If you find that you can spawn a mob or do something in the creative plot world that you shouldn't be able to contact a staff member!

Recent changes
5 months ago

Panelcade has had some recent changes:
- The dragon fight plugin has been updated on survival with the addition of showing crystals destroyed by each player.
- The sleep plugin on survival has been updated to make the messages slightly cleaner (removing unnecessary decimals).
- Mod rules have received a slight change, meaning that mods like litematica/schematica are now permitted for members & higher on survival.
- Recently there has been a limited time modded survival world on panelcade, there may be more limited time servers like this in the future.

Panelcade fully on 1.19!
8 months ago

All panelcade servers have updated to 1.19! New blocks are available in creative and new world generation can be found in the ungenerated parts of survival.

Updates to creative, minigames, and survival!
10 months ago

Updates are here!

Minigames stat page


- You can now easily switch gamemodes using the f3+n and f3+f4 shortcuts in creative.

- Bannermaker has been added to creative, adding a gui for making banners with /bm.

- Member and member+ have been given a couple more worldedit permissions.


- Stats are now tracked in minigames, showing your games played, wins, and time played with /mg stats.


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