Global Rules
Global rules (Server specific rules may vary):
[1] Be respectful
[2] Be ethical
[3] Use common sense
[4] No use of 3rd party software / mods to gain an advantage over other players. If you are unsure if a mod is allowed, ask a staff member.
[5] No griefing
[6] If you encounter a bug or glitch, do not abuse it and report it to staff
[7] Do not harass other users
[8] Don't abuse any permissions you are given
[9] No nudity, inappropriate, offensive, or racist builds
[10] No inappropriate skins or usernames
[11] Don't lag or crash the server on purpose.
[12] Don't abuse the report system or make fake reports.
[13] No inappropriate, offensive, or racist chat messages (including swearing)
Breaking these rules will result in punishment, ranging from a warning to a ban.

All global rules apply on creative with the following additions:
[1] Don't spam redstone gadgets
[2] Don't shoot projecticles across plots
[3] Do not steal other peoples work and claim it as your own
[4] Don't edit the roads
[5] No lag machines
[6] Be careful when using world edit
[7] Don't leave redstone clocks on if you're not using them
[8] Editing the roads or plots you don't have access to is not allowed
[9] The use of mods such as litematica or schematica is not allowed under any circumstances.
Breaking these rules will result in punishment, ranging from a warning to a ban.

All global rules apply on survival with the following additions:
[1] Mark your belongings and builds
[2] Respect peoples property / belongings
[3] Duplicating items is not allowed EXCEPTIONS: rail and carpet duplication
[4] Travel at least 400 blocks out of spawn before making any claims or builds, preferably not building before the mainland.
[5] Don't claim land too near other players (at least 200 blocks from other claims) property and don't edit the spawn
[6] Pvp/killing others is only allowed if both parties are willing to take part. This includes traps, fire, lava, etc.
Breaking these rules will result in punishment, ranging from a warning to a ban.

General game modification information:
The following mods are not allowed:

Litematica, schematica style mods that let you copy builds into the world automatically. Even without a printer functionality these mods are not allowed
Hacked clients of any kind that give you an advantage over other players
Automatic clicking software to give you an advantage in pvp
Spam bots
Minimaps that show player or mob locations
Item, entity, etc editors

The following mods are allowed:
Optifine (better fps, performance)
Shaders (eg SEUS etc)
Minimaps that don't show player or mob locations
Shulker GUI mods that show what is inside a shulkerbox