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about 1 month ago
Major updates over the last couple of weeks!

Updates are finally here! A new building minigame, worldedit visualization, a new color scheme, and more!


Building Style

Building style

A new minigame similar to build battle, but instead of a theme you are given a build to improve! Now available on the minigames server.

Worldedit Visualization

Worldedit visualization

Worldedit selections are now shown with particles! Toggle them on or off with /wesv.

Painting Selection, a new color scheme, and new help command

New help command

Other updates include scrolling through painting by right clicking them, our new general server color scheme, and an updated help command.

3 months ago
Major updates, with a new minigame coming soon!

Major updates:
- Minigames has a major update coming soon, with a brand new building game in closed beta!
- With the addition of the new gamemode, other fixes and features will be coming soon.
- Backend servers have received small updates, including improvements in security.
- An update to 1.16.2 starting with survival will be coming soon.

3 months ago
More small updates

Updates to Panelcade in the last week:
 - Minigames has received big updates behind the scenes, especially fixing map resets
 - You can now listen to noteblock music with /jukebox
 - Because of recent trolls, chat now has a basic swear filter (rules stay the same)
 - Small backend fixes

3 months ago
Small updates

Panelcade has been updated:
- All of panelcade is now running on 1.16!
- Minigames has finally received bug fixes.
- The store has been updated and is now working.
- Various small backend changes/fixes

4 months ago
Back on twitter!

Panelcade is back on twitter! Our new handle is at

Expect some possible new efforts to promote the server soon, and the store finally opening for donations in the near future.