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over 2 years ago
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about 1 month ago
Panelcade fully on 1.19!

All panelcade servers have updated to 1.19! New blocks are available in creative and new world generation can be found in the ungenerated parts of survival.

4 months ago
Updates to creative, minigames, and survival!

Updates are here!

Minigames stat page


- You can now easily switch gamemodes using the f3+n and f3+f4 shortcuts in creative.

- Bannermaker has been added to creative, adding a gui for making banners with /bm.

- Member and member+ have been given a couple more worldedit permissions.


- Stats are now tracked in minigames, showing your games played, wins, and time played with /mg stats.


- The night skipping animation has been sped up.

5 months ago
2 years of Panelcade!

Today marks two years since Panelcade opened publicly. Thanks to all the players who have joined the server and discord/forum over the years!

Lobby boat at night

7 months ago
1.18.2 Support

1.18.2 support is here! It has also been almost a year since the server burned down.

8 months ago
Small changes to the store & homes in creative

Some small changes are here:
- All store packages include a pet now (fox for vip, fox + glow squid for vip+)

- Existing pet packages have been turned into packs of 3 pets

- Vip+ has some new commands

- Vip and other ranks have access to more homes on creative now:
     guest: 1
     member: 25
     member+: 50
     vip: 100
     vip+: 200